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Welcome to the online shop! Enjoy your visit!
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A modern meets old-fashioned kind of girl who also proudly wears the roles of wife, mother, teacher and homemaker. She’s happiest picking up style inspiration where the road takes her, curating thoughtful gifts, honoring family traditions, getting wrapped up in a good book, searching for the perfect nude lip gloss and gathering at home with the company she keeps.

Mrs. Glynn grew up in a family that knew a thing or two about having company over. Home was in a town of four hundred, with a mom one of fourteen and a dad one of seven. And a door always open. From Sunday night dinners around the farmhouse table to themed baby showers and birthday parties, she saw what sharing home did to create connection. The gift of hospitality shined all around her and this impressionable girl was watching closely. 

When it came time to create a home of her own, she knew she wanted it to be a place that welcomed her company well. That looks like her kids and their friends at the end of the school day, her husband on the last night of harvest, the neighbors for an impromptu happy hour and extended family for a weekend visit to celebrate the season’s birthdays.

Welcoming well starts with a heart that’s ready to pour out love. And for that, we’re all ready made. But, lives today are busy lives. Thoughtfully decorating the house or throwing together a spur of the moment gathering can seem overwhelming. Yet in the midst of the busy, we crave connection and home is the perfect place for connection to happen.

That’s where Mrs. Glynn and Co. can help. Over the years, Mrs. Glynn found an unfussy approach to styling a home that feels simple, yet put together. Casual, yet stylish. It starts with basic, functional pieces that stand the test of time. Then she layers in the personal and the authentic - the items that will help tell the story about you and those you love. At Mrs. Glynn and Co, you’ll not only find both the basic and the unexpected products that will inspire you forward, but more importantly, you’ll find the spirit of good old-fashioned gathering waiting for you.

Gather the people you love with love. Let’s meet at Mrs. Glynn and Co.